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Company Activities

Project in Austria (January-September 2013)
Summer 2013, Valley of Salzach River

Development of Custom Software Solutions:

My name is Ing. Karel Semsch and I'm the executive and the only employee of Karlingo® s.r.o. company. I'm developing applications of almost any kind: from user interfaces and database applications through applications processing huge data volumes (e.g. in telecommunications) to embedded systems. For this purpose I'm using following technologies and programming languages:

List of Technologies
Note I, II, III, IV, V: experience/knowledge level (I: the best)
Name Description Experience/Knowledge
C/C++ Standard C and C++ libraries
C++ Standard ISO/IEC 14882:2003
I/O, containers, algorithms, templates, OOP and design patterns
Libraries: Xerces, cppunit, OCI, boost
Development environments: Visual C++, Eclipse, Emacs
Experience with both C and C++ (but more with C++)
Development in both Linux and Windows
More than 5 years experience
C# Experience rather with older frameworks.
Development of desktop and database applications.
WinForms, Infragistics, XML
Embedded PIC32 (within own research only) V
C++ parsers: Xerces, RapidXML
Oracle SQL and PL/SQL

Research and Development in:

  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Control algorithms in automation
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About Karlingo

Company office in Prague (Kbely), Czech Republic
Virtual office rent at Prague Office, s.r.o.

I've founded the Karlingo® s.r.o. company on November 19, 2011 in Prague, Czech Republic, but preparation works started already in September 2009. The abbreviation "s.r.o." means limited company (from Czech "společnost s ručením omezeným"). During its existence the company took part relatively successfully on several projects in the area of software development. For now I'm the only employee of the company, but in the future I would like to start a cooperation with somebody, who would help me with the work on projects or with the business administration.

I occupy myself with development of custom software solutions: whether these are stand-alone solutions of smaller to medium size or a cooperation on larger projects. I'm developing applications of almost any kind: from user interfaces and database applications through applications processing huge data volumes (e.g. in telecommunications) to embedded systems (see the upper list of technologies). Solutions of Karlingo, s.r.o. company find their application in various areas, above all there where there's a focus on reliability, performance, ease of use and overall high quality of given solution.

Further I occupy myself with research and development in the field of electronics, software, artificial intelligence and control algorithms in automation. The target of this research is above all development of own products and technologies, but I'm of course not against a cooperation with other subjects on research projects. The company office is situated in Prague (town quarter Kbely), in the Czech Republic. Nevertheless the company is not restricting its activities to Prague and surroundings only, but is able to provide its solutions and services everywhere in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

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Company Representative

Karlingo, s.r.o. is a one-man company, I'm its executive, owner and employee in one person. My name is Ing. Karel Semsch (*1980). I'm a graduate of FJFI CTU in Prague (1999-2005), with former working experience from several telecommunication and software companies (2005-2012). I've founded the company in 2011 and from November 2012 I'm working for it full-time.

1980-2005: Studies

What is characteristic for my life is a permanent migration within the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries. I was born in Pilsen (Plzeň) in 1980, where I spent however only the first two years of my life because afterwards we moved with our parents to Třebíč and few years later to Budweis (České Budějovice), where I attended a grammar school. In years 1999-2005 I studied at the FJFI CTU (Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering) in Prague.

2005-2012: Working Experience

The first two years after finishing studies (2005-2007) I was working in Prague (Praha) and Budweis (České Budějovice) in the Czech Republic as an application developer, among others in the field of applied mathematics. After that, I moved to Germany (Frankfurt am Main) where I was working for three years (2008-2010) in the field of telecommunications as a software engineer and where also the idea of founding this company originated. After the return to the Czech Republic I was working in Prague at a company which is developing software for mobile operators (2011-2012).

2012-?: Karlingo, s.r.o.

Since November 2012 I occupy myself solely with the steering of the company and since January 2013 I'm employed full time at the Karlingo, s.r.o. company as a software engineer and a research worker. In year 2013 I moved for a short time due to a project to Austria. Today however I live again and work in Prague, where I maybe like it best... I speak fluently English, quite good German and quite bad Polish.
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Date Description
September 2009 Preparation works started.
November 19, 2011 Company registered in the Commercial Register in Prague.
February 15 Websites www.karlingo.com created.
November 1 The executive Karel Semsch leaves his permanent job and works full time for the Karlingo, s.r.o. company.
November Cooperation with a famous IT outsourcing company started.
November 19 The company celebrates one-year anniversary.
January 1 The executive Karel Semsch becomes the first employee of the company.
January A cooperation with an Austrian company in the field of safety technology started.
September End of the project in Austria and return to the Czech Republic. The customer was hopefully (despite of smaller objections) satisfied.
October Work on a project for a Japanese company in the field of telecommunications has started.
November 19 The company celebrates two-years anniversary.
February 19 Karlingo® becomes a registered trademark.

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Karlingo, s.r.o.
Toužimská 588/70
Praha 9 Kbely
197 00
Czech Republic

Opening hours: upon agreement
Telephone: +420 608 349 251

Email addresses:

Web pages:

IČO (Czech identification number of the organization): 24176923
DIČ (Czech tax identification number): CZ24176923
Company is registered in the Commercial Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, section C, file number 185803

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